Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WebLogic Plan file merger with webdescriptor

Ever seen this error when a plan file is applied to an application on weblogic10.3?

<[WebAppModule(test:test.war)] Error parsing descriptor in Web appplication "C:\webapp\test.war"
weblogic.descriptor.DescriptorValidateException: The following failures occurred:
-- EnvEntryType is a required value that has not been specified.
at weblogic.descriptor.internal.AbstractDescriptorBeanHelper.validateSubTree(AbstractDescriptorBeanHelper.java:113)

This is because of some wierd whitespace issue that weblogic is not able to parse the webdescriptor file or the plan file.
The same plan and application works on wls11g (Either wls11g is more forgiving or does a better parsing)
You are better off to redo the plan xml or webdescriptor file, if you encounter the above error.


seema said...

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Houdini said...
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Houdini said...

I am sorry but I had the same problem and it had nothing to do with spaces,...
The problem was that there was (has it is returned in the error message) an env-entry-type missing into the ejb-jar. Adding the missing tag env-entry-type solved this problem.

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